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Those Eibach struts/shocks should work perfectly with your SR Performance springs. They'll certainly reduce the excessive bouncing you're experiencing and firm up the ride a good bit. Plus, it sounds like you found a sweet deal on a used set, assuming they're in good condition.

Make sure those struts are designed to be used with 11+ strut mounts too, if you're keeping the factory mounts. Otherwise, an 05-10 GT500 strut mount is required to fit 05-10 struts properly to 11+ Mustangs. Changing over to the 05-10 GT500 mount isn't a big deal either. I would say it's more common for 11+ owners to do so than actually purchasing struts designed for the 11-14 mounts. It's just an added expensive I wanted to make sure you're aware of!

Let me know if the used Eibach's don't work out. We'll find you a setup that performs within your budget!



You're gonna love the ride height and handling of the SR springs! They're even better when paired with a set of performance struts/shocks, of course. Even still, IMO the SR springs are one of the smoothest street springs available when used with factory struts/shocks. Most hardcore racing springs have a much bouncier ride if not paired with performance dampeners.

To answer your question - Yes, most aftermarket dampeners will work perfectly with your SR Springs. What really sets struts/shocks apart is longevity, design, and adjust-ability. All three of these categories are very important, but I would say longevity is the biggest concern with a street car. With that in mind, it's wise to stick with name brand dampeners such as Koni, Bilstein, Tokico, KYB, Eibach, etc. All of these guys have been in the suspension business for a long time and have fine tuned their dampeners to perfection.

There's a lot of if, and's, or but's, when it comes to suspension components. It's easy to get things mixed up and confused, especially when working around a budget. So feel free to give me a shout if you guys have more questions! We'll figure out a setup that works best for you!


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