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Originally Posted by lowepg
Just got my C&L (street) and 87 Octane flash (brenspeed) installed today.... and holy $hit.

My 06 GT (AUTO) just about *leapt* from the pavement when I put my foot on the gas. Im sure this has some nice improvements for manual transmission drivers, but for my automatic- its literaly like a different car..... Im almost embarrassed to admit that at first i thought something was wrong- the car really jumped! I dont think Im exagerating to say I have to drive this car differently now.... Funny thing is- with the changes to the shifting of the AUTO- I dont know that I could match its performance manually (even if I wanted to try).

Its almost the same feeling I had when test driving a V6- then a GT. Dramatic.:eyepoppin

I had heard good things- but this was shocking..... oh- and the sound? It scared my wife.....she was standing in the garage when I fired it up (hood up). She said it sounded like a wild animal..... hmmm- I like that. My neighbor actually looked up (from his lawnmower!) when I finally pulled away from the curb.... wow....

Anyways- once I burn off this tank of 87 (wont take long!) - Im anxious to try the other tunes- though I hardly beleive they could be better.
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