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Originally Posted by Siber Express View Post
It depends on where you want power at, with the Shorties I have a lot more low to mid range power and a much smoother Acceleration going past 3500 RPM. I am also running Stock Cats with the FRPP Cut and Clamp X-Pipe.
I like to drive in the mountains, and there is a lot more down low than stock, where I would be downshifting one more gear it picks it right up now.
Gotta agree with you on that. Finding myself using low rpm all the time now.

Feels good not having to pass 5k rpm and still get acceleration. Before the powerband was like and on/off switch where it would have no power than surge at 3k a little than at 4.5k and at 6k surge again. Now the powerband is nice and smooth, power starts from 2000 rpm and just seems to build to the redline with no surging and constant pull easily.

The power gains are there because even with my stock mid pipe I raced my friend and his 2013 genesis coupe 3.8 from a 40 mph roll on, 2nd gear at 3800 rpm, right in the power band where the headers should be putting in gains. Right at the hit I began pulling, and by the end of second gear and shifting into third I had a car on him. I could have easily 2 cars on him if the race continued to 100 but we just wanted to do a short pull to see the after results with the headers. Before the headers he was right on my ass, I edged him out by maybe half a car length and that was to 100. SO I think the shorty headers are definitely good for peak gains and low end gains.

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