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Originally Posted by shnschpr

CAI? sorry not up to date on terminology. Still stuck in the 60's era. Wait let me guess. cold air intake?
CAI = Cold Air Induction. CAI kit is usually sold with a tuning tool, like the Predator, or SCT X Calibrator.

The Tuning tool plugs into the computer outlet under your dash, and loads a custom tune file into your computer, greatly increasing the performance of your car. If you have an automatic transmission, a custom tune will change the way your transmission shifts- which will seem like a huge increase in performance to you.

This is the single best investment you can make on the Mustang, and the modificationis easily reversible- you can re-load your stock tune into the computer whenever you want, and the CAI can be removed in a matter of minutes.

The Granatelli CAI does not require a tuning tool to install, but is you have an automatic trans, you will still want a tuning tool.

Other mods you will see in people's signature lines:

CAI= Cold Air Induction
LCA= Lower Control Arms (Suspension)
S/C= Supercharged
N/A= Normally Aspirated (non-turbocharged, non-S/C, non nitrous)
UDP= Under Drive Pulleys (another great mod that frees up horsepower)
X-pipe = exhaust X-pipe that replaces factory H-pipe. Some X-pipe come without cats (no catalitic converters- illegal & loud, but also gives you more horsepower. These are ususally called "off-road X-pipes")

Axle-backs = complicated name for replacement mufflers that attach behind the axle, thereby not affecting the rest of the exhaust system. Performance-wise, a waste of money, but we still do it anyway!!

Good luck with your new stang. If you have any intention of continuing in the future with bolt-on power additions, ask for referrals and shop for a tuning tool that is offered through a vendor who is also a mail-order custom tune file creator, so that you will have customer support when the time comes (and the time WILL come).

This bolt-on thing is an addiction- if you have ever owned a Harley, you will know what I am talking about!!!!
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