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Originally Posted by pumpdoc
Heading home last night from the Padres game and as I got on the freeway north I passed a s197 sixer, I looked over and gave a nod to his fine ride and then left him.Couple of miles up the road and this sixer comes up right on my bumper and starts dogging me, so as soon as the road ahead is clear I dust him again, this goes on for the next 20 miles untill I hit my exit and then he does a flyby. Well! I'm here to tell you sixers that not showing proper respect to your GT brothers is flat out not acceptable, remember to bow at the alter of V-8 power at all times!!!
I would not judge all v6er's in the same light some are just kids and don't know any better and some are more serious . As far as the bow at the alter thing goes , Hmmm I don't think so .
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