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Originally Posted by fishingjts
Oh, that was a fun thread wasn't it! LOL!

Actually I was GT owner BEFORE and now have the V6...

Yes, I know Pump was kidding... but just because your "kidding" doesn't make it right... example:

OMG, Pump... I just realize you bought a GT with an AUTOMATIC! Geez... an AUTOMATIC! What kind of pathetic loser are you? No real man drives a GT with an AUTOMATIC! Geez, you might as well have gotten a V6! Man, an AUTOMATIC... It's not a REAL MUSTANG with an AUTOTMATIC... I feel sorry for all you WORMS out their with AUTOMATICS in your GT's! How can you look yourselves in the mirror.. HA! HA!! Just kidding... It was only a joke!

See.. not very funny and basically pretty offensive... but since I said i was kidding, well that makes it ok!!! HA HA!
Now that is a great post, but hey you picking on me 'cause I have an automatic? I'm gonna cry you a river, that's like insulting my manhood

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