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Originally Posted by pumpdoc
Ah to be a kid again And I'm not back peddeling, people got their panties in a bunch by not reading my first post, and I've never bashed the V-6's before and I've still not. Don't lump me in with others that have.
Just like you didn't lump V6ers with oweing the Gt's respect....oh wait that is what you did.

and then half of us have owned both...i was a v6 guy back in the old days..i remember pushin my engine till it couldnt go any further so when and if i may talk about em...i know about i'm a gt guy...same ol nghtrnnr...still racin the same guys..just a lil faster...but really.....anyone coulda seen pump was kiddin...kinda makes me wonder..."how do you v6 guys take the heat"
Thanks for digging up a 4 month old thread....maybe the mini van should have showed the Mustang owner some respect......
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