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I have a jack that works, it's nothing fancy, but it will get up under and jack it up, I have two stands again nothing fancy, but they can hold the front end up. I used it to put my new wheels/tires on when they were new a few years back and also put in my short throw shifter. That's about the extent of my car technical experience besides the stuff just about anyone can do.

I have a manual torque wrench that does work and a 10 inch extension with plenty of average sockets that would do the job. It's more doubt than anything else and if I run into issues half way into it I don't want to have to figure out what to do then haha.

Beer/Pizza shoot man that'd be easy to obtain and devour. I'd have to get on the calendar for when you were not busy and when I was not busy to do the install though. My drive way is not flat so it'd be done in the garage.

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