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Originally Posted by zregime
Or here's another analogy...

The GT is like that uberhot girl in high school you pretty much knew you didn't stand a chance with. Selective, aloof, fast, and dangerous, and ALL of the guys wanted her. Wanted her BAD...

The V6 is the friendly girl you COULD have gone out with, if you hadn't been so obsessed with the uberhottie. A bit plainer, yes, but removed from your blinding GT desire, the V6 had a body that was really about as great as the GT's. She'd be wonderful to come home to at night, a great wife, steady and supportive...

But really, the fact of the matter is that BOTH versions of the S197 are just strikingly beautiful automobiles, finer than anything else on the road right now. You guys know the stares you get, driving around town or out on the road. Pedestrians and oncoming vehicles take their eyes off whatever they're doing to gaze in awe at our pretty babies. :eyepoppin THAT's the bottom line for me. These latest Stangers are about the sexiest rides ever made!
Luci---the uberhottie that get's the quarterback
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