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I was not going to chime in on this issue, but oh wel so much for control. Anyways, I must state for the record, I do not see anything wrong with a V6 Mustang. to each is their own when it comes to the reason we each bought our Stangs. Some of us are cost conscious (gas, insurances, base prace, monthly payment, all above) and soem of us are horsepower conscious (hence why we mod). However, based ont he title of this thread.."No love from a sixer" implies to me that all V6 Mustang owners/drivers have no respect for GTs, but that would be far from the truth. In mnay incidences, it appears that GTs do not respect V6ers. IMHO, a Mustang is a cool ride regardless of whether it is a V6, GT, coupe, convertible, stock or heavily modified. Without a doubt, there are quie a few V6 Stangs that would put most of our V8 Stangs to shame.

Where I see the "no love from a sixer" is that I find when on the road, I rarely get acknowledgement from ANY Mustang, but more often it is the V6 Stangs that do not acknowledge me. My guess is (as stated in other threads) that many V6 stangs are rentals or owned by people who are not enthusiasists. To them, the Mustang (V6 or GT) is just a car, albeit, a nice car, but still just a car. But to be fair, I have run into many GTs (usually stock) that will not acknolwedge me anymore than the V6ers. So, it appears that the problem is not just with V6ers, but among the GTs as well.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

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