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Originally Posted by AFStang
Well, Im about to take the big dive and buy a C & L CAI and tune from Brenspeed, and am also looking at getting a 62mm Throttle body as well as TB spacer. Also going to buy underdrive pulleys and install those at the same time. Any clue as to what kind of gains I can expect from the entire combination? If you have any other alternatives, by all means lets hear it!

Just a side note... are there any main differences in quality or gains in different pulleys on the market?
25-30 with the CnL and 93 octane tune
7-8 from the TB (plus better throttle response)
10 from UDPs
Don't waste your money on a TB spacer. While it may work on carborated applicatoins, it really doesn't do anything for a fuel injected engine. Plus there are serious clearance issues with the CnL with a TB spacer. Trust me... I too fell for the hype and bought one awhile back (it's now sitting on a shelf).

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