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Originally Posted by AFStang
Well, Im about to take the big dive and buy a C & L CAI and tune from Brenspeed, and am also looking at getting a 62mm Throttle body as well as TB spacer. Also going to buy underdrive pulleys and install those at the same time. Any clue as to what kind of gains I can expect from the entire combination? If you have any other alternatives, by all means lets hear it!

Just a side note... are there any main differences in quality or gains in different pulleys on the market?
Good call on the C&L and Brenspeed tunes, I think. I went JLT and BamaChips, but I hear great reviews on the options you're looking at also. For me, getting the CAI and tuner was the biggest difference-maker so far. Almost like another car after throwing them on.

I'm skeptical about the TB spacer. All of the forum posts I've read seem to say that it's not worth any power. I think even the aftermarket TB's themselves are hotly debated, so I'd recommend further research on that mod before you plunk your money down on these items. I might even point out to you that you can get the Ford Racing CMRC delete plates for < $100. That might be an alternative for you, and I got a nice little bump in output after installing mine.

As for the difference between UPDs: Steedas seem to be the most favorably reviewed product, so that's the way I went. I see that a lot of other guys are running Motoblues, but I couldn't vouch for them. I could definitely recommend the Steedas, but they're a tad pricey. Either way you go, I'd recommend you check out the previous posts that describe the installation procedure. It was very helpful for me to look at beforehand.
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