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Yeah I went too. I thought it was a good time! There was a lot of waiting around though for the actual races to start, as the drivers and the host were "negotiating" between races. I think they try to make the races closer, so it depended more on the driver's skill than simply the car's power. They did two episodes. The first was pretty close most of the time, but the second episode was a joke. This older Corvette(I think early 70's style) was just killing the other guy, in his 1964 2 door Chevelle. The Chevelle looked cool and totally suped-up, but he just could not get any traction at the start! He complained that his side was too slick, so they traded sides and the Corvette still smoked him by a mile(well, almost a quarter mile!)! The winner said he was going to put the Chevelle on e-bay for 32 grand, but I don't see it yet.

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