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It seems these 3.7 are Govt. issued Top Secret, I think I have been the most forthcoming with what happened to my engine, why I think it happened and what can hopefully be done about it while talking in common guy talk. That being said I am also doing some secret pretty cool stuff, if it works I'll tell you about it, Land (Chris) got to see one of the items last night and wanted them bad, I forgot to have him frisked before he left last night so hopefully they are still in the shop .

My engine builder is one of the best in the Mod / Coyote world, he states that this engine reminds him of a Coyote JR. we have talked to Dan Millen at Livernois, Manley, Ferrara, ARP and MMR about what they are using and what advice they can give. My engine build is pretty straight forward, it's a std bore new block with performance hone to get proper cylinder clearance. The rings will be gapped correctly and are designed for what we are doing as are the forged pistons and rods. We are looking at upgrading the valve spring pressure to compensate for the boost and finally I am working with some people in regards to an intake redesign. I think I am in good hands, as far as other builds going wrong, I know Solo posted that he had a pin shear that caused piston to valve issues, what caused that I don't know for sure, I heard a few things but I don't know the facts. Not sure of anyone elses build so????

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