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Originally Posted by Ricesmoker
The CMRC delete plates can get you a few horses because they eliminate the butterflies that can restrict airflow. Nobody has reported very big gains with them, but they are good for a few horses.
Throttle body is a waste of money on the 05-07 Mustangs. They cause drivability issues (RPMs don't come down normally between shifts for one) and you get a miniscule(5) HP gain if any. There are many people that have bought them and removed them because of these issues, and now they are just sitiing on ashelf in their garage.
The fact that Kenne Bell and most of the other supercharger manufacturers say that the stock throttle body is fine with their kits should be evidence that buying a throttle body is a bad investment.
Throttle body spacer is a joke.
I think the jury is still out on the TBs. Agree that gains aren't substantial, but with forced induction, some setups have shown over 20 rwhp gains. I'm looking a better throttle response vs any increased power. I'm having it dyno tuned at the same time, so we'll see how it goes.

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