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Originally Posted by gphasagt
why is ford doing that? 20k mark up? corvettes sell at or below sticker (by me at least) and any vette's a strong matchup for a cobra.

And AMERICAN MUSTANG: there is nothing wrong with being cheap, why spend more when you can spend less for the same product? Don't just buy the first Cobra you see, wait it out a bit, shop around, try to get to know a General Manager of Fleet guy, they can help get you a deal, in fact if you go ask for a fleet guy right away, you dont even need to deal with the jackass salespeople (yes i know it's their job to be jackasses, they're on commision...) so dont diss a guy for being cheap, life is all about value, not frivolous stupid spending.
Ford is not the one setting the price! It's the consumer. This car's starting bid was sticker. Would you say "no" to an extra $20,000?

Speaking of jackasses, You obviously don't have a job that requires you to appreciate the people who pay your freakin paycheck! Somebody is selling something or you would not have a job.

"Don't cuss American Cars with food in your mouth"
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