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Originally Posted by GoT midlife CS View Post
I think the rear speakers will be fine, but I ran mine up to the sub amp just above the driver kick panel.
GoT midlife CS, I have a question for you. I've been trying to figure out my bass problem after installing an aftermarket amp and 12" sub using an lc2i. I tapped into the rear speakers but i'm not able to get a decent amount of bass from my sub. I've been researching the lc2i for days now, tried all sorts of settings and I'm back to square one. Basically, the bass sub just sounds low and lacks punch even with the amp gain all the way up, and when I can get it to sound somewhat loud by cranking up the bass and accubass knobs, it doesn't sound clean.

I was starting to wonder if maybe the rear speakers aren't getting a full range signal and considered tapping into the "subs" in the door when I came across this thread. It sounds like you've got your lc2i dialed in tapping into the sub amp. Would you be able to provide me more details on how to do this?

I looked at the gray output harness you mentioned on the amp. Did you just find the 2 cables that correspond to the left sub, the 2 cables for the right sub and tap into those? Or was there more to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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