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Roger that. I apologize for flaming. Obviously I'm pretty passionate about people bashing salespeople and the domestic dealers when they finally have a product that has that kind of demand. The dealer doesn't create that value the public does.

Originally Posted by gphasagt "dont even need to deal with the jackass salespeople (yes i know it's their job to be jackasses,
I hear everyone, (not just on this site) complaining about the "over sticker" amount. How much does a ZO6 cost? Or any other 500 HP sports car cost?
This Shelby is a world class car. There will be a lot of high line Import owners wishing they had bought a Mustang instead. Unless their egos won't let them admit it.

My hats off to Ford for building such a great piece of American Muscle and the American nostalgias for helping the new Mustang become one of the most sought after cars in recent history. Poke your chests out boys!

"Don't cuss American Cars with food in your mouth"
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