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Originally Posted by AmericanMustang
I hear everyone, (not just on this site) complaining about the "over sticker" amount. How much does a ZO6 cost? Or any other 500 HP sports car cost?
This Shelby is a world class car. There will be a lot of high line Import owners wishing they had bought a Mustang instead. Unless their egos won't let them admit it.

My hats off to Ford for building such a great piece of American Muscle and the American nostalgias for helping the new Mustang become one of the most sought after cars in recent history. Poke your chests out boys!
A Z06 costs $69k, or roughly the same as the GT500s with the average $20k markup. In terms of performance, the GT500 isn't even on the Z06's radar. The hp numbers may be the same, but the Z06 is the more balanced, lighter, better handling, better optioned, quicker, and faster of the two. Before we start beating our collective Mustang chests, let's keep in mind that the GT500 barely runs with the "regular" Vette, let alone any Z06. Everyone on all the Mustang boards seems to focus on the GT500's horsepower number, and completely ignore the other factors that go into making a sports car. Not to mention that with 500hp, the GT500 is barely quicker than its 390hp SVT predecessor. Your GT500 has 500hp, great...I'll take a C6 with 100 less and still watch you play catch up. And as for the "high line Import owners wishing they had bought a Mustang instead", let's be serious. Do you sit around wishing you bought a "high-line import"? So why would they sit around dreaming about a Mustang?

For msrp, or slightly below, I like the GT500. With the markups I think it's a sad joke. And even at msrp, I'd really have to be feeling Ford Blue to choose the Mustang over the Vette.
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