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Originally Posted by Mark25
Ford should have only made one engine version for the Mustang, a V8, then there wouldn't be any of this rivalry between V8s and don't see Chevy putting out a V6 Corvette...they put out a 500HP Z06...and the standard 400HP Vette is no slouch either...
Seeing as how 75% of Mustangs sold are 6ers, the GT would likely cost as much or more than a G35 if we sixers didn't subsidize GT production.

Ford would more likely lose the 8 than the 6, especially considering the new 3.5L can be stroked to 4.0Ls and make far over 300 hp.

Heck, the 3.8L is capable of making 260+ hp with a little intake/exhaust and cam work -and that's a relatively mild street cam.

The 4.0L isn't as strong as the 3.8/4.2L -perhaps they'll do some block work before ending production, but the new 3.5L will make all of us cry.

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