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Originally Posted by S197mustang View Post
Thanks for the info but your the first person to say something positive about them. I hope you don't take offense to that. I'm currently working with John Lund for a tuner. But thanks for the info.
Well, don't know who you've been talking to but Richard is a pretty nice guy, known him since way back when he was tuning a lot of our Lightning club members trucks.

He knows prochargers and knows how to tune the 2011+ Mustang PCM.

Helped out another fellow Mustang owner recently who bought a car used from a dealer and had issues with the pcm and the dealer hadn't known it had a tune from the previous owner. Richard took it in and made a new tune to get it back running again.

Anyway, do as you please with the tuning but it's always easier getting a custom tune for a FI car in person than it is by long distance.

One word I can tell you about your current setup is that the 50 pound injectors are pretty well maxxed out on a 8 psi setup, if you go much deeper a bigger set will be the first step.

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