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Originally Posted by C Green View Post
XL-18 is medium tan color, similar to the color of QDC or regular motor oil. All I know is it is now day 3 and its even better. After adding it with fresh QDC the first run out of the driveway was better, but not convincing but after about 150 miles now, all I can say is wow. This is a totally differnt gearbox. 2nd gear blockout and notchyness on a cold car is gone, 3rd gear nibble before warmup gone ,4th gear slight whine gone. The shifter just feels the way it did in all of my previos Mustangs. Just slides right into gear. As far as longevity of the modifier, who knows. But I do know it has made me love my car again, before the nagging "wonder if this gear will engage" for the first 15 of driving is gone. I would recommend for everyone that has the same issues as me to go get a bottle. If this turns out to be bad for the tranny down the road, oh well....Ford recommended it so its their problem . Powertrain warranty is 60k and I'm at 15k, so I can give this XL-18 a good long test.
I feel better now that someone else is getting the same results I got. Since I live in San Diego I only have one pair of long pants and I'm not sure where they are so I have no experience with really cold weather. It will be interesting to see how the guys in the northern states do this winter. I hated my tranny for 18 months and now I love it - good luck to all.


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