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Originally Posted by kj_cinci
I'm sure they're busy over there but a quick e-mail "we're looking into it" is not too much to ask... I'll send a link for this to JR...
The fact that I had to be sent a link just to find this post should give some inducation that I can only monitor so many websites. I reply to all phone calls, emails and letters written to me. A quick search on most of the other popular Mustang Website will prove to everyone that GMS is all about customer service. Our cold air kits are 2nd to none - no one can make as much power with or without a flash tool. Our dyno numbers are not favorable to us they are factual. Our website shows all tests that are perfomed LIVE in streaming video. Most dyno tests are performed with the customers present. Our dyno figures are healthy because we know what we are doing and understand how to extract power from FORDS.

It would appear as though too many people want to follow the status quo.

Why are people so quick to complain in detail but things go right they just say "part worked"?

Customer service does not mean let the customers run all over you. all too often a customer installs a part wrong or what ever and then takes the easy way out and blame the manufacturer. We pay for all fright returns after the part get to us. We don't issue call tags because it is not fair to us. If you purchase a part from GMS and we owe you for shipping...we ALWAYS pay the customer for his shipping fees. If the customer is not willing to spend a few buck to send a part back for inspection then you need to ask yourself - what are they hiding.

As for the post that started all this - Bushing for control arms. Our arms have a 6 month warranty and if you split a bushing or have an issue - we send new bushings sight unseen. We can't help if you don't ask. That is why we still have a telephone. The internet is not always the fastest way for service.

If someone really has a problem and wanted service the best way to address it is not to go to a furum that they know the manufacture does not monitor.

Thanks to KJ for alerting GMS to this. WE DO SERVICE OUR CUSTOMERS. Has for a filter touching an ABS line. The ABS lines are very easy to move or bend. Also all you need to do is slide the filter to the side. We have over 1000 CAI shipped and 100's of happy posts and customers talking about better performance, better mileage and great customer service. One negative post and yee haa the keyboard cowboys start to circle

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