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No to rain on anyone's parade, but you may want to have the car tested to make sure it's not running lean. The S&B intake was my first mod on my 05' GT (a few months back), and I bought it specifically because it stated "no tune required". At the time I was weary of re-tuning (that's changed!).

Anyway, I took the car to get dynoed and tuned (thought maybe they could squeeze out some extra HP), and the first thing the guy tells me is it's running lean. He asked me why I didn't have a tune on the car for my CAI. I informed him that the S&B did not require a tune, to which he responed "Every CAI needs a tune, no matter what they say".

After the tune, my car ran better than ever, but it may have just been a fluke with mine. If you get the chance though, I would get it checked so you can make sure you're running your best.
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