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I got a question! to popeye54K, and I did use the search button !! yayyy. dahh! now for the question ! I have a 97 gt with a T45 and just rebuild it ! well the rear gears were 3.90 and I change them for 3.73 and still my speedometer is out of wack ! I notice that the factory drive gear is green so it mines, but I forgot to count the tooth in that drive, and when I look at LMR or AM, the don't have a green gear, they only have black and yellow gears!! I have a new sensor gear that is 18 tooth but without the correct number of teeth in the drive gear I fill lost, so the bottom question is did you remember how many tooth it was you green drive gear? that way I can be more "for sure" that just change it then fill like junk because it did not work !! Thanks !

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