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Yea i was thinking about getting the granatelli CAI or the S&B, but i started to think about it logically. if your cars computer is expecting a certain type of air flow, and then you increase the air flow, and dont change the gas, wouldnt that cause the car to run leaner? i do know that our cars computer is very female (no offense intended, OK maybe a little) when it comes to changes. so i would expect it to need some sort of tweaking. i dont know if thats how it all works, but it doesnt make sense that every other CAI does the samething and requires a tune. then 2 out of the whole bunch dont require tunes? it just doesnt add up to me. would be nice to see someone install one of the tuneless CAI's and then dyno it very soon after so that we would be able to tell. wishful thinking? i believe it to be so.

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