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UPDATE: well i talked to a few different dealerships and they all have their BS. but the guys id like to have work on my car (cuz i know they will do a good job) told me that yes, they cant tell the car was flashed, but not know did it. then proceeded to tell me that since they cant tell who it was done by they have to assume its from someone else. thus killing my warranty. also he said that all they have to do is look at the parts on the car and they can tell if it needs to be tuned for those specific parts. granted its too much troble to take off some of the parts that require a tunlike if they see a CAI, or any other such part they will they know the car has to be tuned. so its either they are playing hardball with me, or will have to cry to get any work done. so are they pulling my leg with false information. or can i just go about the old stock tune, stock parts, then go back to my mods after warranty work?

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