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Originally Posted by HornyGT
no u guys don't get it, mustang drivers are supposed to be different and here's why, if you're drivin a porsche, ferrari, lambo, that just means ur a rich M.F. but doesn't have to be a cool person (u know one of 'THE guys'), but a mustang driver attracts chicks attention, and girls really dig that. but that's not what i'm talkin about. I'm concerned about the relationship between two mustang drivers, they should always give the thumb up when they meet on the road, even a small head hode would do, sort of saying: "what's crackin yo!", but can't find that nowadays.
Wow, ya got me confused. No offence HornyGT, but I have no idea what your talking about. Generation gap issue maybe? BTW what's a "head hode" and what do you mean by "what's crackin yo!"?
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