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[quote=moose_knuckle]UPDATE: well i talked to a few different dealerships and they all have their BS. but the guys id like to have work on my car (cuz i know they will do a good job) told me that yes, they cant tell the car was flashed, but not know did it. then proceeded to tell me that since they cant tell who it was done by they have to assume its from someone else. thus killing my warranty. /quote]

That is not entirely accurate. The dealer must be able to prove that the modification either caused, or contributed to the failure in the vehicle, in order for your warranty to be void.

For instance: If you bought a Hurst shifter for your tranny, and your rear-end gears blew up afterwards, they would not have a valid argument. Of course, they are banking on the fact that you won't take them to court, which you might end up having to do- a lot of hassle for most people.

I'll tell you what, if my engine goes KaBOOM!! There is a good chance that the computer wil end up going kaBOOM as well...

Read this:
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