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Originally Posted by HornyGT
lol, i don't think it's a generation gap, it's just bad english combined with bad spelling lol. I meant a 'node' not a 'hode', what's crackin, is like, what's up or what's happenin. as for what i mean, all I'm saying is that, mustang drivers should consider grinning or giving some kind of signal like: "I solute you my friend for driving a mean machine". It's just feels sad when you pass by the very same car ur driving without giving the thumb up, just my view. I guess I'm a little happier than I should be for driving this '05

Here in PA I get responses from a thumbs up or a wave around 80% of the time with another Mustang coming head on. If I'm next to some one and if they don't beat me to it I almost always get a response especially if it's an S197. Sometimes, I even miss a head on greeting if I'm not paying attention.

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