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Originally Posted by HornyGT
no u guys don't get it, mustang drivers are supposed to be different and here's why, if you're drivin a porsche, ferrari, lambo, that just means ur a rich M.F. but doesn't have to be a cool person (u know one of 'THE guys'), but a mustang driver attracts chicks attention, and girls really dig that. but that's not what i'm talkin about. I'm concerned about the relationship between two mustang drivers, they should always give the thumb up when they meet on the road, even a small head hode would do, sort of saying: "what's crackin yo!", but can't find that nowadays.
I'm with you HornyGT. Everytime I see another S197 I have a strong urge to smile and give them a thumbs up, but I've noticed not all S197 drivers feel the same. A lot look like they just want to maintain their "cool" I-don't-care demeanor.

A few months ago, before I got my new car, I was driving the wife's Contour SVT to get new rotors for the old 93 GT. I was caught at a light next to a beatiful black S197 GT. The guy had his window down so I rolled mine down and shouted "Beautiful car! I want one baaaaad!" He smiled and replied "You gotta get one of these."

But to make you feel better - a week after I got the new stang I was gassing up at Quiktrip. I ran inside to get a snack, and as I was leaving a guy stopped me and asked if that was my new GT out there. He wanted to know how I liked it because he was thinking about getting one. There I was going on about what a great car it was and telling him how it makes 300hp on 87 octane, and handles great and stuff. Ahhhhh, it's some kind of sickness. Mustang Madness! I'm obsessed with this car.

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