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Originally Posted by HornyGT
no u guys don't get it, mustang drivers are supposed to be different and here's why, if you're drivin a porsche, ferrari, lambo, that just means ur a rich M.F.
Yeah, I must be a rich M.F. with my two Porsches. (Total cost of the two cars together: $9,000, ages 20 years and 30 years.)

I bought my Mustang because it drives well, has good power, is comfortable for my back (I'm 24 and have back problems, sue me), and I like the lines. I didn't buy it because I felt some need to be part of some community. I'm already part of a larger community. I like cars, period. I like MG's, I like Porsches, I like Mustangs, I like Camaros, I like Corvettes, I like the old Thunderbirds, and I like a thousand other different cars. I don't feel this need for constant validation from other people with whom I have nothing in common other than that we chose the same car.

If you stop me at the gas station or something, I'm more than happy to BS about cars for a few minutes if I have the time. If I waved at every other Mustang on the road though, I'd never have time to have my hands on the wheel or to pay attention to the road. When I'm driving, I'm driving. Taking concentration off the road is an invitation to have bad things happen. Maybe I've just done too much track racing and have that mentality ingrained, but waving to everyone else just isn't high on my priorities.

Besides, 9 out of 10 times when someone in another Mustang works to get my attention he wants to race. The 1 time out of 10 that they just want to wave isn't worth engaging the other 9 idiots, so it's just easier all around to ignore everyone.

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