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Originally Posted by AFStang
One question for those of you who have the plates... how easy are they to install? I am going to do the tune, CAI, pulleys, and whatever else myself, and would like to do the delete plates as well if they arent too complicated.
Delete plates are not hard at all, but a little tedious getting the plenum off. I'd recommend not disconnecting the fuel line, as seems to be suggested in some of the instructions. Most guys, myself included, appear to be simply unbolting the fuel rails and moving stuff carefully around until the plenum can be pulled off the top of the motor.

Also, you'll have to decide what to do with the CMRC actuator motor, which is mounted on the back of the manifold. I removed it altogether, since there's no need for it anymore with no actuator arms to move. I just tucked the connector in between other wires nearby to keep it from hanging loose.

Get a T30 Torx wrench, but no other special tools required unless you decide you will disconnect the fuel line; in which case you'd also need a fuel disconnect tool. A magnetic retrieval tool might also be helpful if you manage to drop a bolt or two between the plenum runners on top of the block, in a nearly impossible-to-reach position (ahem).

Figure a couple of hours - maybe less if you can get a buddy to help you jiggle the fuel rails and lines around while you're getting the plenum off and back on.
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