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Originally Posted by pumpdoc
I would but these guys operate a couple of cyl. short of a full load and they may not get the humour of it.
I smell backpeddeling again...oh I was only you guys have thin you guys are you must give me respect cause I bought a V8

A couple classics from Mr. Classy him self...(but he was only joking)
See, there you go, no respect from you V-6 worms (in case you didn't notice the wink smilely beforeI thought I'd throw in a couple more)
people got their panties in a bunch
Ya know pumpdoc your right I owe you respect....My bad man, You are the best most intelligent guy here and you have the fastest mustang ever built and you and your GT will take over the world some day cause, hey you got a couple more cyl's. us V6ers will bow down to more name calling like worms or Clinton or nothing like that.
ya know its funny you really had nothing to say when asked to show your time slips....Hmmmmmm wonder why... you spent 5k more on a car and a V6 would smoke you! Oh sorry lack of respect there:yelpleased:
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