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Originally Posted by HornyGT
hey guys. I'm really proud I have a mustang, I think it completes my 'cool personality'. What I really like about the mustang is that whenever you see one on the road and drive next to/pass it, you have to look at the other driver and give him/her that cool grin or thumbs up, it's kinda like a deal you make when you enter the mustang community. But sadly not everybody seems to understand that. Recently, I'm been driving next to mustang drivers (not for too long just happen to be next one) and I try to look at the guy/girl, looking for that "we are so cool" look in the eye, but NO, they just look straight as if you're not there, and I know I've got a sweet lookin ride so I expect eye complements but NO, there aren't any. So what's happenin, I thought mustang drivers are 'COOL'. Most of these guys with the serious looks are oldies, I'm 21 and I'm neither a reckless driver nor a stupid lookin teenager but why all the seriousness?

hey man it is always like that I there are threads out there with people who love mustangs no matter what. Reguardless of what some on this forum think a MUSTANG IS A MUSTANG and I will try to go out of my way to show Mustang love. Now if a guy is an idiot he'll get the respect an idiot deserves.
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