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Question on Gas Usage/Mileage.

I'm not exactly sure how to word this, so I'll give it a try and hope that the words I'm trying to get out come across correctly.

On the Mustangs that come equipped with the Interior Upgrade Package, it includes a nifty little gadget in the gauges that computes the average miles per gallon, distance traveled, time traveled, average speed and number of gallons used. I've found everything listed on the display to be pretty accurate. I've been measuring my mpg's and it's been right on cue with what I read on the display whenever I check it. My question however, concerns the number of gallons used indicator on the display. I know that from the manufacturer our cars are designed to hold approximately 16.0 gallons of gas, however, what if one is able to put more than 16.0 gallons in the tank? Would the extra gas in the tank be factored in by the car's computer or will it read and compute by the first 16 gallons used in the car. Example, last night I filled up at a gas station and by the time I was done I had pumped exactly 16.600 into the tank. Now as I drive along in the future and use this gas, will the computer in the car determine the amount of gas used by the first 16 gallons or will it factor in that extra .6 of a gallon I was able to put into the car last night. Thus far, I've been filling up my car within the last 5 miles of gas I have left, according to the computer, and I haven't chanced it on going farther once I hit "E" by the computer's standards. So I'm wondering if I pumped 16.6 gallons like I did last night, do I have 16.6 gallons to use or will only the first 16 gallons be recognize by the car's computer.

I hope that makes sense and didn't come across as jumbled as I thought it would.

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