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Originally Posted by kscoyote
Enjoy it while you can!

pretty soon mortgages, utilities, student loans, etc., will preclude you from having too much fun with the car!

If I were 18-21 -my project would be done by now.
You mean we actually have pay for these things...:hihi:

I own a Mustang and I have a bit of an attitude (you know, being an attorney and all), but I do not think I have a Mustang Attitude. Do not get me wrong, I love my stang and she is well pampered. Yes, I do have money to spend on to make modifications, which I have done and will continue to do. But in all honesty, I just wanted a very cool car, one that is cool now and will be cool for some time to come. I prefer the classic muslce cars of the 60's and early 70's but am not old enough to be a first owner of such. I like the Vette and even the Viper, and can probably get one or the other, but neither is very practicle for me.

At the time I bought my Stang, few options were avaialable. I wanted something that favored the retro styles, something powerful (must be a V8), something fast, something that was somewhat limited (comparabley speaking) and something that had the "oooh aaah" factor. At the time Chevy only had the Vette and SSR. the Vette wasnot practical enough for my needs and the SSR did not quite meet my expectations (too heavy and too expensive for what you got). Dodge had nothing but the Charge/300C. Imports just were not what I was looking for. Since I absolutely love convertibles...that left the Ford Mustang GT vert. I am not particularly a Ford fan, for traditionally a Chevy man, but Ford had the right product at the right time, while the others did not. Had Chevy had the new Camamro out at the time or if Dodge had the Challenger out at the time, or if the GTO was just a bit better in looks....I may not have had the chance to be a proud owner of a Mustang.
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