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Originally Posted by skulls View Post
100% correct! Also most people on forums beat the sh!t out of thier car and notice things like this more, than the average driver.

It's like when I see threads of guys saying they waive to other mustang drivers and they DONT waive back or when talking with them aren't as giddy about thier car...people on forums are massive enthusiasts, a massive majority arent that way...

How many people are on this forum that have a mt-82 trans? Let's shoot for the sky and say 1,000 and anytime I read these threads there are maybe 50-75 people that complain...and how many mustangs has Ford sold with the mt-82....thousands upon yes it is very conceiveble that it's only 3%. Plus an independent investigation was launched and it was determined it's not a massive issue, like everyone seems to think on the forums, like we are the only ford sucks, but its not a sky is falling epidemic like the forum folk think it is.

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Yeah, I understand and agree with all of this. I was just being Capt. Obvious. Many people will come here after they have a problem and are seeking answers.
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