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brenspeed cai much?

well since ive newely decided to take the precautions necessary to ensure my warranty ive chosen to go with brenspeed. it was hard between bamachips and brenspeed, but my gut said them, so im trusting it. i really dont think i can go wrong both ways. im going to go with either the TI or the c&l and Xcal2...but is the c&l worth the extra 150 or so extra..for me thats alot of money...that could pay for my tune....which leads me to my next question..really easy..about how much am i looking at for a tune....then dont really say and i dont feel like calling them. people make me angry .and if any of you have prices on what all 3 would cost me would be great.. im sure im not the only person who bought a cai,xcal2, and a tune. i would just like to know about much in total it will cost. (im working 7days a week to get this). so i would like to stop doing that ASAP and put some stuff on my car. Thanx in advance as usual.

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