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Originally Posted by Godlik3
Looks good!

More sporty then the current model? More importantly... any news on horsepower gains??:eyepoppin
Pictures were all from front or 3/4 front views, so the only obvious styling changes were the GT500-ish front end, and the twin-nostrils hood (puh-leeze be functional). From what I could tell about the rest, the waist and rear-end of the car look very similar to the 2005-07 models, with slightly streamlined rocker panels. Essentially the same platform with some new plastic hung on it, mostly in the front, by these pictures.

As far as power output, there was speculation that the current 4.0 V6 would be replaced by the new Lincoln 3.5 V6, and output bumped to (someone help me if I get the number wrong) 280 horsepower.

For the V8, there was a really vague mention along the lines of "more displacement... 350-400 horsepower". Sounds like magazine-speak to me for "anything could happen". I'd have a hard time seeing Ford going from the 4.6 to 5.4 in this model update, although if they don't the Camaro and Charger will clearly have the upper hand. So maybe they'll differentiate the powertrain options and offer a 5.4 as an optional package. That is, if Ford has the 'nads to compete for the performance-specific market share anymore, being as small as it is compared to Joe Mustang Buyer.

My guess would be that for the mainstream Stangs, they tweak the existing 4.6 to 325 horsepower, or so, to be able to say it's new and improved.
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