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Originally Posted by 69stang
I am also debating on a CAI. The question is tune or no tune CAI.

For a tune required I am considering one from
Alternative auto, Bamachips or Brenspeed.

Does BamaChips or Brenspeed have a Web site? Post web address please?
The majority of CAI's require a tune (C&L, JLT, Tunable Induction, Steeda, etc.) to run the motor safely. There are a handful that say they don't, with Granatelli and K&N coming to mind as being the "tuneless" units that have good reputations.

I think the choice boils down to:
  1. Maximizing the performance of the vehicle with a full-on CAI and tune, versus having that extra secure feeling that there won't be warranty issues due to the aftermarket CAI or computer tune.
  2. Cost. Typically ~$200 for a tuneless CAI versus ~$550-$700 for a CAI, tuner and canned tunes.
Don't know much about Alternative, this only the second mention of them I've seen. BamaChips, Brenspeed and Evolution are probably the most well-known and respected SCT tuners, and their web addresses are:

Only because you've sort of asked, I'll offer my opinion that a CAI + tuner + canned tunes is the better option if your priority is performance. Since you're bothering to replace the CAI at all, I'll make that assumption.
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