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Originally Posted by rmays06
Where the hell you shopping? $15 $17K for a pony V6.... Na I think those extra cylinders you and daymere talk about all the time go to your head, Not a Perry Ford Not anywhere. Oh sorry I'm proving your,, I meant point!

See fella, you are talking out of both sides of your mouth! You start a thread to either; get people pissed, show what a jerk you are, or because you just weren't thinking. Then you back peddel with the old I'm joking, your to thin skinned kind of, play and it sucks. I don't come here to be offended by you or no one. The best thing I could have done was not read your thread but it did so my fault.
SO instead of just saying sorry and leaving it you throw insults, and back peddle and the whole time you got to call our for your buddies help....You called the names, you are the classless one.
I came here to learn about Mustangs and talk with like minded people about topic on the cars we drive.... instead I got to be insulted by a cocky old guy that is stuck in the 60's way of V8 thinking. It is funny when called out with the speed of you car, you and daydreamer (nitemere or whatever) had very little to say. Is it penis envy or cylinder envy with you? Anyway who cares....because I'm tired of your little game... I'm tired of hearing what a piece of crap the V6 is and I'm tired of not sleeping tonight.
Your only comeback will be an insult or a backhanded comment and/or maybe a backpeddle....GOOD NITE NOW!
Passive Aggressive Grandfather - He obviously hasn't taken his Alzheimers medication lately.

I bought mine new for $13,000. That was a deal I couldn't pass up. Especially since I planned on replacing every component anyway.

Paying extra for the GT label, when I was going to throw out everything that made it a GT was just stupid - suspension was gonna' get chucked, so were the seats, stereo, and I was planning on throwing on an aluminum 5.0L backed by a Cobra Six-speed.

Spending $12,000 extra for a GT label was stupid, and then after getting all the crap, I decided on building the six, just to tick everyone off.

If course, I built my original 302 just to tick off the Chevy Monkeys and their "No replacement for displacement" BS.


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