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Uhh... here we're again... It is agreeable that a 4.6 can (and should?) make +300, and the same for a 4.0 at 210...

It is also agreeable that Fords are affordable cars. To buy, own, and in fuel (considering...)

I'm sure that Ford would love to (and CAN) give us more power but then you have cost (manufacturing and warranty), EPA, insurance (for ownership cost), fuel, fuel guzzler tax, etc...

The Infiniti buyer is not as conserned about the above so neighter is Nissan...

Some don't want a too plush car, some don't want the cost (car, insurance, fuel) of a V8, heck, some don't want a Mustang...!!!?

I don't care about fuel cost, I don't need AWD or FWD most of the time, I don't need a rear seat, I love Mustangs, especially the S197, I can afford the V8, I NEED a V8, my insurance cost is okay due to age, married, profession, clean record, etc... I'd love to have a McLaren F1, or a Ferrari, heck even a Viper or a Vette, oh, and yea the 500... but then cost comes in, plus I would not be modding those as freely and cost effectivly, and that is part of (moderate price) Mustang ownership FOR ME...

And that's key, what do you want, need, have enough $$ for? A V6 owner is a Mustang owner, like most GT owners would trade their GTs for a real GT, or Vette, or 500, or Ferrari... Most V6 owners would love to trade up but have their reasons for not...

What if a 500 owner posted how do you GT owners take the heat? I know I don't feel cheap for not beeing able to justify the money for a 500... and I think most V6 owners feel the same about our GTs...

It's all about YOU, YOUR WANTS and NEEDS and YOUR situation!!

KJ, poorer but happier

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