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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
a built 4.2 what? is it a crate engine?bottom line is it isnt a mustang v6 anymore is it? is the base engine the engine the car came with? it has to still be a mustang v6 at its has run stories about killer mustang v6s before and one of its mods has been a V8 TRANSPLANTED IN...which kinda makes it a v8...ya know...and before some psycho accuses me of hatin the v6...i'm not...until recently i had 2 is named was a v6 named nghtrnnr...and i loved that nghtrnnr to death...but the general consensus was that i could never get it above 350hp....and still keep it i'm really really curious as to how 638 hasnt blown it apart yet

A 4.2 is just a stroke out 3.8 it's still a V6, uses the same block just a 4.2 F-150 crank, piston ,rod set up , same heads the only thing different is a 95 needs a 01+ oil pan . Yeah if it has a V8 in it it's not a V6 right , thats just common sense .
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