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Originally Posted by nghtrnnr
a built 4.2 what? is it a crate engine?bottom line is it isnt a mustang v6 anymore is it? is the base engine the engine the car came with? it has to still be a mustang v6 at its has run stories about killer mustang v6s before and one of its mods has been a V8 TRANSPLANTED IN...which kinda makes it a v8...ya know...and before some psycho accuses me of hatin the v6...i'm not...until recently i had 2 is named was a v6 named nghtrnnr...and i loved that nghtrnnr to death...but the general consensus was that i could never get it above 350hp....and still keep it i'm really really curious as to how 638 hasnt blown it apart yet
General consensus doesn't know crap about the v6.

The block and heads are the same as in the 4.2L F-150 V6. All you have to do is swap out the rotating assembly. If you overbore the block you can come up with 4.3Ls, and if you modify the crank, you can come up with 4.4Ls.

I wouldn't recommend the offset grind on the crank though.

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