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Oi! No love in this room...but it has been quite entertaining to read from the sidelines.

I would just like to add that, though I'd rather have an 8...I enjoy my 6 shooter immensely and am having a great time modding it and showing it off. People seem to like the way it looks, sounds and drives. Some are actually surprised that it's a 6.

I'm too old (and too secure) to really feel the need to use my car as a representation of a certain phallus and I pity those that do, or feel "Buyer's remorse" over a 6.

4, 6, 8 cyls...who really cares that is worth a ----? I've owned all of 'em at one point or the other and they where all great cars for that particular period of my life.

They're all Mustangs and I gaze at every single one I see, whether it's going the other direction, getting smoked by me, or smoking my ---!! :hihi: And I always wave.

Some day I'll have enough to get a Shelby or a Cobra (Because I want one, but I don't need)...but it won't be to boost my manhood as some here sadly require in their lives.

I say live and let live and just enjoy the ride!

Peace out!
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