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Originally Posted by konatown View Post
according to that video your car picked up approximately 20HP and torque with just a CAI??? is that what your saying? First off your stock pull numbers seem very low. Pulls after CAI install seem about right, but other factors must have played a role to gain that much. Were the before and after done on the same day, conditions, car... haha
The video is a post from another forum, it is not my vehicle. I found it when I was looking for some unbiased dyno results for the Airaid CAI since many posters on this forum discount the ability of a CAI to make improvements w/o a tune. According to the video that Mustang saw significant improvement with only the addition of an Airaid CAI. The additional link to a post on this forum shows the results of a dyno run for my vehicle and the numbers were pretty close to the vehicle in the video and they were achieved with no tune on 87 grade pump gas and the installation of an Airaid CAI.

Originally Posted by 11Red3.7 View Post
This has never been discussed before, hmmm...
All the fastest 3.7 NA cars in the 1/4 mile run the JLT CAI. Look it up on the sticky, the top 6 NA stangs are JLT. Even though Airaid has better marketing and sold 10 times as many, the good serious racers prefer the JLT.
The airaid does moan a lot, and apparently some guys like that lol. Moan vs. Performance?
IIRC, the JLT does require a tune and perhaps the reason that JLT's are on most of the top 1/4 mile performers is that most of those owners have either made their mods post warranty expiration or have decided that performance trumps warranty coverage. At any rate, there are many other mods made to those cars than just a CAI and there is almost always a tune involved. I believe that the Airaid is a worthy alternative for someone who is interested in preserving their warranty and wants to avoid the addition of a tune which may or may not cause warranty issues depending on the dealer utilized for service.

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