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Originally Posted by zregime
I agree with the Journeyman, insofar as it would be a shame if FoMoCo turns the Stanger into a rich man's machine price-wise. Job 1 for ALL future Ponies, as far as I'm concerned, is: Keep the cost reasonable. You have no idea how often I've sneered (in my mind) at the Beemer or Honda "sports coupe" next to me at a light, thinking "Yeah, Ace, you coulda got TWO of mine for that ONE of yours...and mine's STILL prettier." I know I'm a reverse snob for saying this, but I don't particularly want our little Pony Platoon invaded by a bunch of effing trial lawyers (all apologies to Mr. Vandermey)...
No worries, no offense taken. Remember, I am a military attorney...I represent soldiers (and occasionally the government). I may be an attorney, but I love muscle cars, even more than I love luxury cars. Also remember, I own a Stang GT vert as my toy and a Ford F-150 as my daily Euorpean exotic here.
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