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Originally Posted by moose_knuckle
Well i was either going to get the TI or the JLT2 but ive heard people having problems with the heat shield...and they are similar in i figured id spend just a little less and get the one i havent heard that many problems for. but how much does brenspeed charge for a custom tune. i mean canned tunes are nice and all....but what if i want him to make me a custom tune for my when i add a couple for mods and such....any idea on what that would cost me? if you dont mind me asking...what did it cost u for the JLT2 and tuner out the door?

as for a tuneless CAI...ive heard people liking them just for the bang for the buck...but i dont think it compares to a tune. also im not sure how you can increase the airflow and not run lean. especially with these engines. but i guess that shows you how much i know.
From my own experience with the JLT and what I hear and read about TI, it's hard to go wrong with either. I'm going to guess you're referring to the JLT when you mentioned the heat shield issue. There were a couple of rare problems with the early JLT's. Both have been fixed with the JLT 2 CAI, so you can probably disregard those specific reports at this point. Personally, I've had zero issues with mine so far.

I got my tunes from BamaChips, but looked at Brenspeed really hard too. I think you'd be best off discussing custom tuning with Brent himself. I know he does mail order business, but I've not ever asked for anything custom, unless you count the CMRC delete Doug did for me and that was no-cost. Brent has a great rep, so I'm sure it'll be fair.

"Custom" tuning could even include an in-person dyno session to get a hand-tweaked tune. Obviously, that'd be the optimal situation, but I don't know if you have a good tuner that's geographically convenient to you. The canned tunes are probably 90 or 95% of what you'd get in a personalized tune. I've just never felt yet like I needed more.

I gave, I believe $545 out-the-door, for Doug's JLT2, SCT and 3 tune combo. In my book, that's a bona fide deal, and has been cost-effective performance for my car. I'm sure Brenspeed has a similar combo if you've made up your mind to purchase from Brent. And Evolution could be in the mix too (see, I'm trying to share the love).
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