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i do like that part i cant go wrong either way. and you kind of mentioned it before....i was thinking the canned tunes should be just fine....but what fuel are canned tunes for.premium fuel id believe? and how much if any charge will their be for future mod tunes? i wont have any FI for awhile.

i was more of hoping to stay with 87oct. for my car for a little while untill i can get a legit second job. then upgrade to probably the 93. i know its not a whole lot more. but when ur only working 20-25hrs a week at 9.35/hr...its a lot of extra money. i still have a lot of hours of community service to make up on top of working side jobs in construction to pay for all this.

well im looking at bamachips right now and they have the jlt2 and xcal for 575. so with tax and such would be a little more. maybe just a little more expensive than brenspeed. someone got a deal . and another reason i went with brenspeed is because ill be buying suspensions mods and other stuff from them. so if i buy a lot and oftenmaybe they will give me a break on price or tunes or both! but you cant pay enough for good service and getting what you want...

tom: if i tell them you sent me will they charge me more or less. or make my tune leaner .

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